七転び八起き – Fall seven times and stand up eight



Empty my Ribcage

I felt like I could claw open my ribcage any moment, because right there, in the middle of my chest, was a dark void that hurt me. It hurt me so much. I felt like suffocating.

It didn’t feel heavy, quite the contrary, but it still suffocated me. The feeling crawled up my throat and nearly made me cry in the bus on my way home. ‘I am dying’, I thought to myself, ‘I am dying and all these people around me are oblivious’.

I felt like clawing open my ribcage. Like breaking every single bone that kept the void trapped inside of me.

It was heartbreak, but I didn’t understand, I wasn’t able to comprehend, why my heart broke yet again. All I knew was, that I was suffocating and dying and no one knew a thing.



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