七転び八起き – Fall seven times and stand up eight

Three Years Later


Tuesday was a weird day. I woke up early and lazily packed my two suitcases and then I texted with some friends and went grocery shopping with my neighbor. I didn’t feel as though I was flying to Japan later that day. Was I nervous? Was I excited? Not really. I was calm. After three years of working towards this day, I couldn’t really believe that it was finally time to return to Japan.

 The late afternoon came around and I took the train to Frankfurt airport. I arrived, exchanged my suitcases for boarding tickets and still had four hours to go until the actual flight, but time passed quickly and before I knew it, I boarded my Air China flight to Beijing. I spent the eight-hour flight with reading, watching movies and sleeping and suddenly I was in Beijing. Landing in Beijing was phenomenal; our plane circled over the city and the surrounding mountains and since I’ve never in China before, it was really interesting to look at the city.

I spent five hours at Beijing airport and it was great. I’ve never seen a more beautiful airport before! And I think it’s due to the time I spent there, that I didn’t get a jet lag when I arrived at my final destination. Back in Germany I had traded ten Euros into forty-five Yuan and I used that money to buy myself a refreshing drink and a small souvenir bracelet. Time passed quickly and I boarded the plane to Nagoya. Since I was very tired at this point, being awake for nearly twenty-four hours, I fell asleep as soon as I sat down in the plane and when I opened my eyes, we were already in Japan.

When I left the plane, a wide grin spread across my face. I’ve made it. I’ve actually made it! And everything worked out without problems. I exchanged my money and checked into the airports own capsule hotel for the night (I was done with customs and everything at around 10 in the evening). Staying at the capsule hotel was bliss. I locked away my suitcases, took a long shower and huddled away in my comfortable capsule.

The next day I exchanged my exchange order for a JR Rail Pass and took the train to Nagoya central station. I locked my suitcases in coin lockers at the station and went to explore Nagoya a bit. I walked across the city and did an excursion to Nagoya’s castle. I really liked it!

Later, I got my suitcases again and walked to the Sharebase in Nagoya. It’s an interesting place, where various people can work or relax together and up to four people can sleep. I quickly became friends with my hosts and we went to get Okonomiyaki for dinner.

And now I’m in Japan. I still can’t believe it.


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