七転び八起き – Fall seven times and stand up eight

Back to Japan


Now it’s official: I’ve passed my second semester Japanese exam! And that means, I don’t have to re-do the exam in late September and that means, I don’t have anything to do in September and that means, I can go back to Japan in September! And I get to stay there for a whole month! AAAAAAAAAAAA.

Returning to Japan has always been the plan. But every year this plan was pushed a little further into the future. “I have to concentrate on school”. “I have to move out and also start university”. “I have no money”. “I have no time”. But not anymore! Because I have the money and the time and especially because I have: the plan.

The core of my plan is pretty simple actually, like most good plans. I will fly to Japan on September 5th, arrive on Japan on September 6th and have my base camp in Komagane. Which means I’ll storage my suitcases there and stay there a couple of days at my host families place, but not to long, because I don’t want to exceed their hospitality. When I’m not at my host families place I will travel across the country with a JR Rail Pass and do a lot of couchsurfing (because I’m still kinda broke). I also want to climb Mt. Fuji before the season ends on September 10th. And at the end of the month there is of course Manamis wedding. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I know most of this is a child’s dream. But guys, maybe dreams can become reality sometimes.


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