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Rotary Orientation – Japan and Korea 2017/2018

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Already it’s July again and another Rotary orientation for outbounds, who are going to either Japan or Korea, and future host families, who will host an inbound from Japan or Korea, is taking place in Bonn. I can’t believe how fast the time has passed. Around this time last year, I was in Bonn for the first time and checking out the university here and now my second semester is nearly over already.

So yeah, this weekend is an orientation weekend. For the 2017/2018 Rotary Youth Exchange. The Japan/Korea orientation is a special orientation for all concerned German outbounds and host families. I first went to this orientation around four years ago, right before I left for Japan myself. Now it’s my second year in a row participating a rebound and being hopefully a helpful resource for all outbounds and host families involved.

It’s a strange feeling to be in midst all these exchange students again. They bring a lot of joy and energy into my life. On the one side we have those, who just returned from their exchange. They are still super excited and have not really arrived back in Germany yet. Their feelings, of wanting to return to Japan/Korea are something I can still understand completely. Not a single day passes, on which I don’t think about Japan and wish to return.

On the other hand we have, of course, the outbounds. Some of them are actually flying to Japan or Korea in less than two weeks. This orientation gives them a lot of input of course, which will either excite them even more or maybe frighten them a little bit. They are just beginning their Rotarian journey and I wish them all the very best for their exchange. Hopefully they will make a lot of wonderful memories.

The community, which has been created in these past years between all exchange students, who went to Japan and Korea, is incredible. We’ve become even more than just friends, we’ve turned into a small family, that’s growing year by year. And I’m so thankful, to be surrounded by these amazing people and I hope to contribute a small portion to this community.

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