七転び八起き – Fall seven times and stand up eight

Second Korea Day Bochum


The second annual Korea-Day took place on the 12th of November at the Ruhr-University in Bochum, which was organized by the Landesspracheninstitut (ain’t German words fun?) and the Korea Foundation, and I went with a couple of friends. It didn’t take us that long to get from Bonn to Bochum, only around two hours by train and another 30 minutes by underground and loads of walking. It was a bit cold though. It was my first time in Bochum and of course, I just have to say: our university is prettier.

The program of the day sounded very promising and I really looked forward to this day. There were mini languages courses, fairy tail tellings, noraebang, taekwondo demonstrations and workshops about the tea ceremony, traditional Korean music, drumming, Dance Dance Revolution, Hanbok (which you could try on), calligraphy and k-pop dancing. In the end, however, it wasn’t as good as it sounded. There were simply to many people and it was all very disorganized. You couldn’t take part in most workshops because there were to many people already and the building itself was just stuffed with people.

Another problem was the sheer number of k-pop fans who were nothing else then k-pop fans and had to tell the whole world. We were run over by people more than once. Often you also had this feeling, that they limited Korean culture only on k-pop and that’s not cool. Really not cool. Esspecially at such an event.  Half the people behaved as if it was a BTS concert or something. Also, singing and dancing to k-pop in the underground sounds like fun, but it’s really annoying for the other people around.

Still, we had fun, because we had each other. And we were still able to try a couple of things. We watched a traditional tea ceremony and tried the tea and the snacks (which were both really delicious), danced a bit Dance Dance Revolution (which was fun, because Orange Caramal Lipstick and G-Dragon Heartbreaker), tried some Korean tongue twisters and won some posters and we also got a lot of information material by the Korean organization of tourism and tried some Korean food. The day was alright. I was in good company.

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