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Reunited with my host sister Manami

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April was a really shitty month, because I had to take my A-Level exams and that was a lot of work. To make it all even shittier, I got a message from my host sister Manami, two days before my history exam, that said: Hey, I’m in Frankfurt right now. My host parents actually told Manami not to tell me sooner, because I was supposed to focus on my studies and on my exam and that was very considerate, but it also broke my heart. I spend the whole day messaging with Manami and sending pictures to each other. I cried a lot. It was devastating to have her so close, but not being able to actually meet her. Anyways, she was on a business trip in Europa at that time and only stayed in Frankfurt for two days. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet each other, but she gave me hope and told me, that she would return to Europe in October.

It’s October now! And I live in Bonn. And Manami is yet again on a business trip in Europe and her boss allowed us to meet after her work is done! Yaas! So last night, at 9pm I took the train to Koblenz and walked to Manamis hotel and there she was! Wow. It really happend. I can’t believe it.

After nearly two and a half years, I was finally able to meet my host sister again. Unfortunately, we did not have so much time together, but we enjoyed every minute of it. We talked a lot about our lives, what has been going on these past two years, gave each other presents and hugged a lot. My host mum packed Manamis suitcase full with sweets and food for me and I am so immensely happy right now, because I have actually met Manami!

At one o’clock in morning I took the last train back to Bonn and wow, Koblenz at nine in evening is exactly the same as Koblenz at one o’clock in the morning.

On the 19th of October in 2013, so 3 years ago, I met Manami for the first time actually. Crazy how fast time passes.



19. October 2013 – I had European food for the first time while I was in Japan and a wonderful friendship started. 


24. October 2016 – Reunited at last. 



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